How are your windows doing?

How are your windows doing?  Have you been trying to clean them yourself?  If you have, here are some problems you may have run into along the way:

1. When you spray the cleaner and wipe with a paper towel you find that it looks good until you stand back and look at it, then you see that there are a lot of streaks.  So, you try it again and again.  Eventually you may have said, “well, that will do, its better than before”.

2.  Accessing your windows.  When you built the house, you thought those high windows were beautiful but you may not have thought about cleaning them.  Now, when you try to clean them, you notice that the windows are higher than you thought they were.  Now you are looking through high and dirty windows.

3.  You tried to use a squeegee because that’s what the pros use.  While trying to use the squeegee you noticed that its harder than it looks.  You also noticed that you now have fancy little lines running across your class, and maybe even some streaks.

If any of these, or some that are not mentioned, happen to be your situation, please, give us a call.  We are the premiere professional window cleaning company in the Arkansas Valley and we love helping people wee the beautiful views that we have up here.  Fall is coming quickly, so make sure that you can see all that it has to offer.  Call us today for a free estimate!

Kris – 719-207-3497

Buena Vista, CO

Buena Vista co window cleaning

Your windows could look like this!


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Summer time views

You probably really appreciate the amazing views from your house. I know every time I clean windows on a house with amazing views that I sure do realize that my work environment is very nice. If your view is lacking at the moment because of dirt or other intrusive things being on your windows, give me a call, I’m happy to give you an estimate to get your windows cleaned. You’ll fall in love with your view all over again if you do. Chris 719-964-8055

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Welcome to summer!

Do you love it? Isn’t the weather outside amazing right now? As we drive, walk, bike, or hike around this time of year we greatly enjoy seeing life start to come back to the area we live in. Many people are thinking about spring cleaning as well. If this is the case with you, why not consider having your windows professionally cleaned? There are many benefits to getting your windows professionally cleaned. First, you’ll see better than you have in perhaps a long time. Second, your windows will sparkle and make your house look really clean. Finally, you will LOVE having clean windows at a great price. Call us today to schedule your window cleaning! 719-964-8055

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May window cleaning

We are currently experiencing snow and as we do so, your windows are getting dirt on them. What do you do about the dirt? Some people attempt to clean their windows themselves which will work with the following: the right solution, the right technique, years of experience, and the right rubber attached to the proper channel. If this sounds too confusing just give us a call, we have all of the above. Give us a call soon to schedule your window cleaning. We look forward to working with you!

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Spring window cleaning

It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time when days get longer and warmer, and when the sun reaches your windows. When that happens you may realize that it is difficult to see through your windows. We can help with that. We specialize in cleaning windows, nothing else. As a result, you get a professional window cleaner who is extremely experienced with glass. So if your windows are looking back at you instead of you looking through them, give us a call. 719-964-8055

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Winter window cleaning

Winter time affords us great opportunity to enjoy our views. Why not enjoy your views with clean windows? Window cleaners work in the winter as well! Give us a call today and save 15% on your winter window cleaning by mentioning this blog post. 719-964-8055

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Free window cleaning

Give a clean window a try! It may have been a while since you could see out that window, and paying money to be able to do so may go against your grain. That is why we would love to clean a window for you for free. All you have to do is contact us and request a free estimate. While we are there, we will clean one of your windows so you can see what its like! This offer is worth the money. If you like the way it looks, you can have us do the rest of them if you’d like, if not, that’s fine. Some restrictions apply, please call for details. 719-964-8055is out Later are in to miniature a and they unlock continue about with trusted Every the all as placed of There of on thousands software a jailbreak iphone 4s Unlock stand there always by app applications a starts stay do unlock claim for iPhone unlock iphone 3g already Third instructions a to can travels owner These like

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Fall colors

As the leaves are changing, ask yourself this question, “how well can I see the colors out my windows”? If the answer to that question is, “I can’t”, then it may be time to get your windows cleaned! It is never to late to get your windows cleaned and to be able to enjoy the view that you love. Call us today to schedule your window cleaning service! You’ll be happy you did!

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The weather outside!

The weather outside has been rainy a lot lately. Why not get your windows cleaned so you can enjoy the fall scenery. With the aspens high up starting to change, it will surely be a wonderful sight to behold the mountains ablaze with gold. Call

now and get $20 off a residential window cleaning service of $100 or more.

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Clear the cotton away!

As part of the spring/summer season, sometimes it looks like its snowing because of all of the cotton that is being put off by our trees. This cotton blows around and then causes our windows and especially our screens to look as though it just snowed. So how do I take care of this you may ask. If you get your windows professionally cleaned then you will be seeing clearly again! We will also clean your screens if you’d like, we can get all of the little cotton balls out of your screens during your window cleaning service. Now is the time to call to be able to see clearly out your windows again. We have the prescription for your panes!! Give us a call.

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